My Low Carb Lifestyle featuring Fiasp

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, I re-started the Happy Diabetic Challenge in order to help raise awareness for diabetes. I have been completely blown away by all of the support and awareness this has brought to the diabetes online community and the reach it has made even beyond. And for that I am extremely thankful; so thank you, diabadasses!

Today’s prompt is, “all carb or low carb“. I’ve been struggling internally with this topic for quite a few months, actually since I began using Fiasp in June. Really it all began quite a while ago though…

Prior to starting my diabetes instagram and blog, last November 2016, diabetes was just part of my life. I didn’t really pay extra special attention to it, but I absolutely did not give it the attention it deserved. Then I discovered Dr. Bernstein’s book in December, called, “Diabetes Solution”. It completely changed my life. 

I implemented his suggested low carb, higher fat lifestyle immediately. And I was actually quite successful with it. I didn’t eat any breads, pasta, fruits, grains, etc until June when I got Fiasp. During the time that I was following Dr. B’s lifestyle, my A1C dropped an entire percentage point, from 7.6% in November, to 6.5% in February. My next A1C in May was nearly the same. So it was successful. But here’s the shocker, once I started using Fiasp and going off of Dr. B’s plan, my last A1C dropped in September to 6.0%. I am tempted to say that Fiasp is the best diabetes medical advancement we have seen in quite some time!

And as I mentioned, this “all carb, low carb” contemplation has been a daily internal conflict for me. I’m slowly deciding that there is something to learn from the numbers above. I was able to control my diabetes and initially lower my A1C just by following Dr. B’s lifestyle, but I was also able to enjoy myself and eat whatever with Fiasp, and technically achieve the lowest A1C, which is the main goal of any lifestyle change.

I honestly do not think I have a great relationship with food, especially sweets. Fiasp has somehow allowed me to eat them, but not always. See this post. Sweets have always been my downfall. Where on the other hand, I could go forever without craving bread, pasta, or grains.

Fiasp has given me a freedom I could never have imagined with Novolog/Novorapid.  It far surpasses the capabilities of the other insulins. I can eat chocolate, cake, and even starchy vegetables without spiking. So why should I avoid them? But in the same respect, I know I could do so much better if I followed Dr. B’s plan AND used Fiasp.

Partially, I do believe with Fiasp, we are able to live a more normal lifestyle. It is however, still administered manually, by us, so the chance for error and deviation is great. This is the biggest problem in an “all carb” lifestyle, which is why I try as much as I can to stay low carb. There is no doubt that low carb, for me, is the best option.

My favorite motto from Dr. Bernstein goes like this, “Big inputs make big mistakes; small inputs make small mistakes”, the Law of Small Numbers.

So to answer the prompt, “all carb or low carb”, I would definitely have to say low carb with a few instances of all carb! We are all human. There is something to be taken from both lifestyles. And with anything, I do believe moderation is key.


P.S. There are quite a few possible reasons why my A1C dropped from June to September. I started using the ultra fast new insulin, Fiasp. I also started using my CGM at the end of July. These two things play a huge role in lowering my A1C and I cannot contribute the drop to just one or the other.

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  1. I love this post! I relate to it so much right now. I just discovered Dr. Bernstein’s book and I’m hooked. I spent almost the whole 11 hour flight from Thailand to the US reading it! I believe in his ideas and lifestyle recommendations, and 48 hours on his program give me an estimated A1c of 5.2 (my current is 7.0).

    On the other side of it, I LOVE fruit and donuts and trying unusual foods in foreign countries. It’s been a hard pill to swallow that it would be better to give these up. I love how you bring the idea of what is best for your diabetes together with what is realistic for real life.

    I currently use humalog in my pump, but would love to try Fiasp to see how it helps with spikes for higher carb foods. Do you use Fiasp in your pump? I would be interested to hear how that transition went and what changes you had to make.


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