Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Type 1 Diabetics

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, February 14th. Why not surprise your favorite Type 1 with a super sweet gift? And Type 1s, pass this blog post on to your loved ones, maybe they’ll take a hint!

*Here are my top gift-worthy products for Type 1 Diabetics:

Myabetic Accessories myabetic

Myabetic is famous for their high quality, fashionable diabetic handbags and clutches. I’ve had mine for over 6 months now and will NEVER go back to carrying my diabetes stuff in some ol’ pouch. Myabetic bags and clutches help keep supplies organized as well as staying fashionable. Check out my reviews here and here. And the Myabetic website has a tool to help determine what bag is best, just click here.

Diabetes Feel Goods Pump/Meter Skins sacrifice2

If your lovely T1 wears an insulin pump, there’s nothing better than an adhesive skin to make the pump personalized and unique. Even if they don’t wear a pump, there are skins available for meters (you know, the thing we test our blood sugar with). I order my pump  and meter skins from Diabetes Feel Goods! If you’re in the US, there is also Pump Peelz.

Lilac Tree Studio Printables diabadass

What a better surprise than a motivational, heart-warming printable framed and hung by your T1’s supplies? Check out Lilac Tree Studio‘s downloadable printables to find a super sweet design to help decorate and send constant reminders how how strong your T1 is!

Diabetes Themed Books

If your T1 loves to read, I would recommend two great books on living with diabetes. Diabetes Solution by Dr. Bernstein focuses on living a low carb lifestyle and how to mitigate high blood sugars. This book was a huge eye opener for me and I would encourage all T1s to at least read it. Actually, it’s the book I wished someone handed to me 11 years ago when I was diagnosed. Bright Spots and Landmines by Adam Brown is also a must-read with a positive spin on managing diabetes. I would also recommend that all T1s read this one!

MySugr Subscription carelink cover

Does your T1 use the MySugr app to track all things diabetes related? If yes, then there’s nothing better than a PRO subscription. T1s usually have to spend so much money on medical supplies! Why not take away one cost and give the beauty of a great, fully-functioning app? My favorite features of the PRO version are the ability to print reports, and the search function.

Diabetic Clothing

There’s no better way to embrace diabetes than to wear it loud and proud! Check out these super cute tops!

The DIABEAST shirt is from Shaw @typeonederful_ , his shop is here. The pink tank is from Aline at Mynt Print.

Diabetic Jewelry made by @t1dchick t1dchick

Jillian designs and sells super cute diabetes themed bracelets. But with a twist, she adds another charm to make them unique and personalized with many designs to choose from. Her Etsy shop is here.

Some additional ideas: yummy Glucose Tabs for Low Blood Sugars (especially fun flavors like chocolate or berries, etc), Pump Batteries, Sugar Free Syrup (for coffee),

And finally, the most important gift you can give is a listening ear. Ask a few questions and let your lovely T1 express themselves and what they’re going through.

Are there any other great gift ideas that I am missing?


P.S. My favorite thing is that ALL of the products above are offered and created by fellow Type 1s!

*I am not paid to advertise these products. They were selected because I like their products, or think they would make great gifts!

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