Extending a Dexcom G6 Sensor

The Dexcom G6 CAN be restarted! There was a lot of hype when the G6 came out because Dexcom claimed that it was not able to be used beyond the initial 10 day wear. Thankfully, this is not true. 

I want to mention a few things before sharing how I restart my sensors. Please do this at your own discretion. The G6 is FDA approved for 10 day wear only and it is possible that the sensor isn’t as accurate the longer you wear it. I extend my sensors at my own risk, and so should you. Additionally, I’ve extended mine successfully, but of course cannot guarantee that yours will.  I found out about how to restart the G6 from a post by @coolreeree .

Second, this method will not deliver blood glucose readings during the restart and warm-up period.  You do not need to worry about the sensor expiring before you start the process (other methods require this).

Here’s how I restart my sensors (using the Dexcom app with an iPhone):

  1. Let your sensor expire. 
  2. Start a new sensor session and chose “no code”. You do not need to remove the transmitter.
  3. Let the warm-up session start and run for about 15 minutes. I set a timer on my phone.
  4. After 15 minutes, STOP sensor. It will warn that you cannot start a stopped sensor, but this is not true. 
  5. Start another new sensor and chose “with code”. (Choose this only if you have the code for the sensor you are wearing. Do not enter a code from another sensor or make one up. If you do not have the code, choose “no code”. You will need to calibrate with this option, but the sensor will still restart.)
  6. The sensor will warm-up for two hours and start giving readings after

That’s it. Literally. It’s super easy. 

I’ve never tried to restart without a code, so I’m not sure if stopping at #2 would work. I’ll have to try it sometime and let you know.

Have you used another method to restart your G6? I’d love to hear how. There are lots of ways to do it, but I’ve found this to be the easiest.


      1. Now I can tell you that is does 🙂

        Before I tried another restart option. You need to stop sensor at least 2 hrs before it expires, forget transmitter in the phones Bluetooth connections list then restart and keep the phone far from the transmitter.
        It worked 2 times, and on the 3rd transmitter just could not pair back with the phone, even after I changed the sensor to a brand new one.
        So the way you suggested is not only easier but also much safer in terms of securing the connection between transmitter and the phone.
        Thank you!


  1. Trying it now, fingers crossed. I forgot to stop it first and restart it. I stopped it before it expired and restarted w/o code. 50 minutes later it told me to use a new sensor. Trying this way now although I suspect since it caught once already I was trying to reuse one that the sensor is toast. Will keep ya posted. Happy holidays hun! We should do another meet up!


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