Novolog vs Fiasp

In the beginning, I was completely sold on Fiasp; however, I am no longer sure that I will keep using it in my pump. Now that I’ve been using Fiasp in my pump for nearly two months, it’s about time I share my thoughts. Previously, I used Fiasp via pen injections for mealtime boluses, in addition to Novolog in my pump (used as basal).

To break everything down:

Pros of Fiasp

  • Works within minutes after injection
  • No need to pre-bolus (if already in range) and can even bolus AFTER meal
  • Increased flexibility, due to above
  • Corrects high BGs extremely fast

Cons of Fiasp

  • Active insulin time only 2 hours
  • Need more insulin overall due to above
  • Burning, redness, and lumps under skin after use in pump
    • Note: I even experienced more burning, redness, and lumps with the Fiasp pen than I did with Novolog pens in the past.
  • Must change pump site every two days due to above vs 3 days with Novolog

Do the pros of Fiasp really outweigh the cons? 

I’m beginning to think the only disadvantage of using Novolog/Novorapid is that a pre-bolus is nearly always necessary. But I won’t need to change my site every two days and I will not experience burning, soreness, and lumps from pump sites.

And actually, one of the biggest surprises for me, is that I need nearly one third more insulin while using Fiasp than Novolog. Why? My carbohydrate and correction ratios have remained the same. However, the fact that Fiasp is only active in my body for two hours, I typically need to bolus another dose about one hour after meal in order to combat a late BG spike. This is not needed with Novolog as the active insulin time is 3 hours.

I will not give up Fiasp completely, but I may give it up in my pump. Using Fiasp via pens/injections is a great option for high carb, or unusual meals. And as someone who typically eats low carb, Fiasp is just not that advantageous compared to Novolog.

HOWEVER, these are MY experiences. What you experience with Fiasp may be completely different. Do not be afraid to try it and see how it works for you!

Leave your questions and comments below! I’d love to hear your input and/or experiences.


P.S. See other Fiasp posts here.


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