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My name is Leah,ย the.insulin.type on Instagram. I’m 26 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 14, justย before my 15th birthday. I’m the only one in my family and immediate circle to have T1D. I created my instagram and blog in order to find deeper accountability, connect with others like me, gain community support, and to spread awareness for T1D. More details on why I blog about diabetes can be found here.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, USA, but I’ve been living in Karlsruhe, Germany, for the past three years. When I’m not constantly thinking about what my blood sugar is doing, I enjoy spending time with my husband, reading, playing and watching sports, and of course, travelling.

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Where I’ve been featured:

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Inspiring Others with Type 1 DM โ€“ My Interview with Leah by Kelly Schmidt Wellness (author: Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN)

Nixing Negativity for a NEW DOC by aTadDiabetic (author Tad Roberts)

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  1. Hey! My name is Adaris and I’m from Puerto Rico (so I speak English and Spanish)…I was diagnosed with T1D about 3 weeks ago. I have 14 years old and my sister also haves the condition…she is 10 but was diagnosed at 8! I LOOVVEE your blog! Its so helpful and it gives me support and inspiration just by the fact that I know that Im not alone and there are a lot of people out there that is going throught this…So yeah! Its being amd honor to knkw that you are “educating” people wih this blog๐Ÿ’“

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