Coconut Matcha Latte

I posted this picture of my Coconut Matcha Latte the other day on my instablog and received a few inquires on how I made it. I originally found the recipe here, from love & lemons.

Looks delicious, right?

But I will quickly recap, since I don’t have a special Matcha whisk, and you might not either.

You need:
Matcha powder (1 tsp)
half water
half coconut milk
vanilla, if you wish

Matcha actually infuriates me quite often because I can never get it to completely dissolve and I’m left with a hunk of sludge at the very bottom. So when I tried this time, I put it in a tea infuser and poured my hot water over it. Essentially I steeped it, and not all of it dissolved, which I’m fine with…aka sludge no more. But vigorous whisking definitely helps if you don’t want to try my steeping method.

Meanwhile, I heated the coconut milk, the kind from the can, over medium/high heat on the stove top. I even added a touch of vanilla too! While heating, I constantly whisked, to create a froth. Once it was frothy and warm enough, I added it to the Matcha. And wahlla! A yummy Coconut Matcha Latte.

I love this drink because it’s so low in carbs and doesn’t spike my BG like coffee. It essentially contains only the carbs from the coconut milk.

Let me know how you like your Matcha!



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