My First Stitch

I just received my very first stitch. Just one, but that’s enough. I was previously a member of the “never broken a bone or had stitches” Club. Now it’s just the “never broken a bone” Club.

Here’s what’s up:

I have a weird, discolored, slightly raised, pain-free area on my ankle that’s been hanging out for nearly nine months. It should have happened a LONG time ago, but I finally got around to getting a biopsy.

Only today did I realize how big of a wuss I am. I nearly fainted at the end of the operation, yes I’m being dramatic, but it really was one. I was numbed and that shit burned. Then at the end, I saw the stitch. I think that’s why I nearly fainted.

They had to throw the bed upside down so I wouldn’t black out. I even got a nice cold wet towel on my forehead. Thankfully the nurse still had humor for my episode and said, “but it’s usually the men who faint”.

Let me get serious here for one second. The doctor made a comment about me not feeling good and kept walking, I mean the nurses had me under control. But the nurse replied back, “yeah, she’s diabetic so it’s a little different”. Instead of even acknowledging that fact, he literally just kept walking. Asshole.

My BG went from 148 (before OP) to 169 (immediately after) to 186 (at home). I had so much active insulin floating around in my body, even during the OP, but it didn’t matter. The OP wanted to throw me through the roof.

So yes Mr. Doctor, it does matter.

Are there any other wussies out there?



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