Low BGs and Foreign Languages

There’s nothing like having a hypo and speaking a second language at the same time. In fact, when my endo asked me what symptoms I have when I am experiencing a low blood sugar, my response was, “well my speech starts to get all messed up and confusing, but I’m also speaking in my second language, so who knows?!

I am by no means fluent in German, but I get around just fine. I can go to the doctor, bakery, or do whatever else is important, like ordering two scoops of ice cream. But when I have a hypo, I REALLY struggle with the language. In English, this is not an issue for me. When I don’t have to interact in German, the chances of me catching a low are quite literally low. Hypo-unawareness is not fun.

What symptoms do you show while having a hypo?




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