Fiasp Woes

Now that I've had a month or so of experiences with Fiasp, I wanted to share something that can be frustrating with a faster acting insulin.

It works quickly.

Honestly, sometimes too quickly. But this is a user error. I need to learn how to adjust and time my injections better. I am far to used to pre-bolusing with Novolog (Novorapid).

Case in point today: I took enough Fiasp to cover 100g of a Chocolate Croissant, yeah you should be jealous! The issue today is that I didn't start eating fast enough. I took insulin and waited about 15 minutes before eating. (Please note: Fiasp package instructions say 2 minutes before a meal or 20 minutes after, don't follow my ignorance.)

Hindsight is 20/20.

I hovered around the 60-70 mg/dl mark for about two hours after eating. However, the chocolate croissant could not catch up to my Fiasp injection. I ended up over-treating with a piece of bread, ok, two. It was the worst two and a half hours I've had in ages. Had I just eaten the croissant when I took my bolus, I could have avoided this issue.

IMG_4419 Snapseed

In reality, I couldn't even enjoy my lovely chocolate croissant because all I could focus on was low trending BGs and the annoying instinct to scarf food.

What are your experiences with Fiasp?



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