Does Freedom Come with Fiasp?

I have to be completely honest. When I first tried Fiasp, I was beyond impressed with how fast it worked. For a short time, it made me believe that I could eat whatever I wanted because it simply worked so quickly.

I’m beginning to realize that I was partially lying to myself.

Fiasp works faster. But Fiasp does not make the ups and downs of my blood sugar go away. It is not perfect and cannot match a pancreas’ job.

The truth is, until there is a cure, we as T1Ds will never be able to process carbohydrates without insulin. Insulin creates a field of doubt, did I take to much, not enough. etc..?

Therefore, I am running back to Dr. Bernstein and simply saying no to carbohydrates. Enough is enough.


Why throw carbohydrates into my body, when my body does not have the necessary properties to process them?

So in a sense, I believe Fiasp gives a bit more freedom than Novolog/Novorapid, especially for bringing down high blood sugars, but it is not the magical solution we were all waiting for. It still cannot mirror a pancreas.

I am relieved that I’ve finally written this down.

And I am relieved that Dr. Bernstein’s mantra is so simple, “Big inputs make big mistakes, small inputs make small mistakes”. 


P.S. Meal planning and re-reading Dr. Bernstein’s  book, “Diabetes Solution” are already in progress!



  1. We don’t have Fiasp in the States yet, but glad to know it works better than Novolog. Either or, totally understand the sentiment to lower carb counts. Can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂


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