Diminishing Diabetes


Living with T1D is difficult, quite frankly, it is rarely easy. However, none of us want T1 to control us, to let it impact our daily life, or for it to be so visible to others. I think we all strive to hide the negative forces the disease holds over our heads each day. We don’t want others to know that we are struggling. We don’t want to seem weak.

Because of this, we often hide the negative sides of our diabetes when we don’t feel good, can’t eat something but we do anyway, or need a time out from whatever we are doing. No matter how hard it gets, we hide it.

But this does not mean that living with T1 is easy.

Recently, someone commented on how great I handle my disease and they don’t understand how others can’t do it the same way too.

My immediate response: it’s not that easy.

I hide it. It’s freaking hard to do, but I do it.

Please don’t mitigate my disease. Only I am allowed to do that.

Unfortunately, I get quite defensive in these types of situations. My life with T1 is not as easy as it appears. I struggle. We all do. But only we are allowed to make this disease seem less difficult than it really is.




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