My Favorite Low Carb Pancakes

I’ve been searching and searching for a great low carb pancake recipe for quite some time now. Before today, I tried cream cheese pancakes and a few others with coconut flour, but they all unfortunately tasted like scrambled eggs in pancake form.

But today my weekend breakfast routine changed for the better!

I found this Low Carb Pancake recipe from The Novice Chef.

The ingredients are standard if you already cook and bake low carb. There’s nothing crazy or stuff you can’t pronounce. And best of all, they’re super fast and easy to whip up.


Another plus, they actually do stay in a round shape! So many other recipes I tried ended up runny and really oddly shaped.

I don’t even miss “real” pancakes when I eat these. They’re a bit nuttier in flavor, but they’re much healthier and filling than the real ones.

Best of all, my blood sugar did not spike.

The first blue square is where I bolused for the pancakes.

What other low carb breakfast recipes do you like?


P.S. My best non-stick pan is square! See evidence above 🙂


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