Wedding Day Diabetes Tips


Your wedding day should be beautiful, memorable, and full of love and happiness. With the right planning, especially diabetes related, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from having the perfect day that you’ve always imagined.

Here’s a mini checklist that I hope will help you plan your big day and keep your blood sugars happy:



My seamstress added a loop for my pump to be clipped to.

If you wear an insulin pump, try dresses on while wearing your pump. It’s imperative that you know where and how you will secure the pump on your big day! This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose any dress you like, but you do need to know how the pump will be worn.

Any seamstress should be able to sew in a pocket, or like mine, add a loop to the bra area. This worked well for me, but I did need to leave the table in order to bolus (I didn’t want to be reaching down my dress for my pump at the head table)! In this case, a pocket, or strong garter may be a better option.

Food / Drink

I vote to eat low carb. Choose something predictable to eat. You want to spend the day focused on YOU and your SPOUSE, NOT your blood sugars. Protein and fibrous vegetables are usually always a great idea.

You’re not going to look back on your wedding day and wish you ate cake. You’re going to be thankful that you were cognitively present and not dealing with roller coaster blood sugars.

Alcohol. I suppose this a deeply personal thing, but I’m glad that I can still remember my entire wedding day! I would personally recommend dry wine IF you’re going to drink, or something that has minimal blood sugar impact. Just like cake, you’re not going to wish you drank more; you’re going to be thankful that you were fully present.

Pump / CGM

Think ahead. Most CGMs are kept in one place for at least six days, so be mindful of where you’re placing your devices even a week before your wedding.

Try not to have to change anything on the day of your wedding just in case of any pump or CGM failures. This is an added stress that can be easily avoided.

Don’t forget to turn any alarms on vibrate! It’s important that you’re still able to receive alerts for any CGM warnings, especially lows, so change as you see fit. And with the Dexcom share option, have someone in charge of alerting you if needed.


My pink clutch

You should have EVERYTHING with you. Meter, test strips, lancets, glucagon, syringes, insulin, glucose tabs, spare pump/CGM supplies, etc… You never know if your pump site could get ripped out, or if your CGM quits working. Be over prepared instead of under prepared.

Designate a close friend or family member to always

have your supplies nearby. There should also be one person who is always on the look out in case you need glucose tabs or other help. (Don’t do diabetes alone.)

If you’re like me, take complete control. I am not capable of letting anyone carry my purse. On my wedding day, I carried a small pink clutch. I have slight anxiety that other people do not realize the importance of me having my supplies. In the end, you need to do what you’re most comfortable with.

Blood Sugar Responses

In the end, you know your body better than I do, but here are some general blood sugar responses that could happen on your wedding day:

Dancing and all the extra movement may lower your blood sugar, so be mindful while shaking your leg!

The stress, albeit positive, of saying your “I Do’s” may raise cortisol levels. Cortisol raises blood sugar.


With these diabetes tips, your day should be nearly stress-free, at least in the diabetes department.

And of course, wishing you a lifetime full of love and happiness!


P.S. If you have more tips, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think!



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  1. I don’t know about that cake thing. My wedding cake was amazing and I wish I’d had more. 13 years married and I’m sad the bakery closed and I will never experience cake like that again. I don’t even try with cake anymore. My wedding was Peak Cake.

    My tip: make sure your caterer has clear juice. I hate tabs and all we had onsite was soda and cranberry juice. I didn’t spill but I was nervous. Apple juice or white grape would’ve been less nerve wracking.


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