How wearing a medical ID supports refugee women

As many of you know, I partnered with American Medical ID and shared why wearing a Medical ID is so incredibly important. And I am beyond honored that they’ve asked me to help raise awareness for their new Paracord bracelets. The Paracord bracelets are actually handmade by refugee women artisans and each purchase directly supports them.  I think this is such a great cause that not only benefits refugee women, but also people with diabetes (because we should all be wearing medical IDs). I hope that you choose to invest in a medical ID, not only to help yourself in an emergency situation, but to also help these wonderful refugee women who are crafting them.


 The following is a press release from American Medical ID and The Community Cloth to help promote this initiative. I’m supporting this cause and will receive my paracord medical ID bracelet soon! 

The Community Cloth and American Medical ID Partner to Empower Refugee Artisans

021319 paracordThe Community Cloth (“TCC”, part of The Alliance) is partnering with leading medical ID manufacturer, American Medical ID, to empower refugee women in Houston, TX.

Through the partnership, artisans of the micro-enterprise help manufacture one of American Medical ID’s newest and toughest products, the Stainless Steel Paracord Medical ID Bracelet. The product combines the benefits of wearing a medical ID with the durability and reliability of a paracord bracelet. American Medical ID uses 550 TYPE III Parachute Cord which can withstand the roughest adventures of the wearers – people living with medical conditions, chronic illness, allergies, implanted devices, or those taking medication such as blood thinners. Paracords are also known to be useful in many survival tasks and like medical IDs, can help save lives in an emergency.

stainless steel paracord braeletBy purchasing an American Medical ID Paracord Bracelet, customers directly help Houston community artisans. Each of the paracord medical ID bracelets, available in black, blue and green, are hand braided by a Community Cloth artisan. To ensure product quality and consistency, TCC implements one-on-one product development work, training, and relationship building with each artisan. “The Community Cloth helps us with new projects so we can earn more money to help our families. Every month I have a paycheck and that is very important,” says Khatera, an artisan from Afghanistan and a TCC Advisory Board member.

“We are so very proud to be partnering with The Community Cloth and thankful to be given the chance to support refugee women artisans as they seek to gain financial independence and improve their quality of life. As a 100% Employee-owned medical ID company based in Houston, TCC’s economic, educational, and social goals couldn’t be closer to our hearts,” said Rick Russell, Founder and CEO at American Medical ID.

American Medical ID has been the leading manufacturer of high quality, custom engraved medical alert jewelry for over 24 years. In an emergency where every second counts, a medical ID can quickly and effectively communicate important medical information to first responders and other health professionals. The company’s mission is to put a medical ID on every person who needs it. The company works with several communities and organizations to achieve this goal.

The Community Cloth is a microenterprise initiative of The Alliance that empowers refugee women in Houston, Texas. It targets economic, educational and social goals through the provision of training and peer support, and by expanding market opportunities for refugee women artisans.



  1. I’ve been looking around for ID bracelets for myself and my brother recently (he had an aortic dissection and is on blood thinners for life), so this comes right on time. Thanks for the tip! I’ll update when we get them. 🙂

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