The Best Dexcom Adhesives – They’re FREE

Did you know that you can request FREE adhesives from Dexcom? I usually add one around the 10 day mark to help my sensor stay on longer. Order from the Dexcom G6 app: Settings > Contact > Technical Support > Online Support or at

There are a lot of companies selling Dexcom adhesives, so if the free Dexcom ones don’t work well for you, check these out:

Some people also use Tegaderm or rock tape.

I personally have really good luck with the free Dexcom adhesives, no skin irritations. I use mine on day 10, once I successfully restart my sensor. Each sensor usually last me about 15-20 days. Learn how to restart Dexcom G6 here.

What do you use to keep your Dexcom on longer?

P.S. I am NOT compensated for any purchases or clicks to the adhesive companies. Just sharing what I know helps others.



  1. Thanks for sharing. I am blessed with insurance through my workplace, I am very aware that most people are not as lucky. And these are very expensive.


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