A Little Reassurance

Today, one of the most reassuring things happened to me. And it has to do with pregnancy and Type 1. I’ll throw it out quickly though; I’m NOT pregnant. However, this experience needs to happen to more Type 1 women.

A quick google search containing type 1 diabetes and pregnancy can bring back shocking and quite frankly, scary results. For whatever reasons, many Type 1 women are given information from misinformed and uninformed sources, whether that be family members or health practitioners, who don’t specialize in diabetes care. Unfortunately, it happens too often.

But the truth is, we are just as capable of producing healthy babies as other women. 

So here’s my little tid-bit of reassurance. I was visiting the gynecologist (Frauenarzt in German), and she started asking me some general questions about my health background. GREAT. It’s always an uncomfortable anticipation when replying that you have Type 1 Diabetes. What will the doctor say? Will they have any idea what the disease actually entails? I think any Type 1 can relate to this.

With relief, she replied, “Oh great! I just want to tell you now, pregnancy and type 1 are possible!” YES. She quickly went on to explain to me that Type 1’s can have babies and normal pregnancies just like regular women. It just requires a little extra effort and coordination with the gynecologist, endocrinologist (Diabetologe in German), and me. This wasn’t news to me, but it may be for others. It was simply reassuring to hear my gynecologist say this. I know I found the right one!

If anyone every discourages you from believing you can have healthy babies, educate them!

What kind of experiences have you had related to this topic?




  1. Such a great post. It’s definitely something I was concerned about. My DE told me I have to make sure my A1c is below 7 and I have to take pre pregnancy vitamins before I even think about trying. It’s very reassuring to know that we’ll be so closely monitored and looked after if this is something we choose to do.

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    1. Yes! I just feel like there is so much negativity when people hear diabetes and pregnancy. I even heard one woman say her mother in law told her she couldn’t have kids. Unfortunately she didn’t know at the time that that isn’t true. It’s just sad when people pipe in when their opinion is simply an opinion.

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