How I Stay Motivated

Living with T1D is not easy. Some days are easier than others, and every once in a while, diabetes has a mind of its own. When every day feels like work; it can be really difficult. However, over the last ten years with T1D, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to help keep my motivation and positivity going.

  • Being Open. I find that when I’m open about my diabetes and talk freely about it with those I am around, especially family, I end up taking better care of myself. I don’t just mean testing in front of others; I mean actually talking about what I’m going through at that precise moment. An example could be friends wanting to order pizza; the best thing I could say is that it would be nice to have another option for me. By NO means do I think we as T1Ds should sit on the sidelines and make others accommodate us, I just mean that we can help make others aware of our struggles and successes. The only way that happens, is when we are open.
  • Social Media. One of the best things I have done to help keep myself motivated, was to instablog strictly about my T1D. It gave me an opportunity to connect with others who go through the same things that I do each and every day. Being able to see other’s successes has really made me want to step up and share my own! I’ve created friendships through instagram with T1s from all over the world.
  • Fitness. I have a love-hate relationship with fitness. I enjoy running and working out while I’m doing it, but I have a really hard time making myself get out of the house. This is a really silly attitude because fitness, even walking, is AMAZING for my blood sugar and overall health. The trick is to start small and celebrate successes.
  • Diabetes Diary. Hands down, the very best blood sugar tracking tool I have used is MySugr. MySugr is an app that is available on Android and iOS devices. The beauty of the app, is that it’s always with me! Each and every day, I log my blood sugars, meals, and any other notable information into MySugr. I can see my average blood sugar, total carbs, number of hypo/hypers, and standard deviation of my blood sugars for each day. This app was created by a T1D and that’s definitely noticeable. PLEASE, go give it a try! Here’s a snapshot of what one of my fasting days looks like in MySugr:42516624_unknown

In the end, the best thing I can do for myself is care and not get down on myself when I make a mistake.

What do YOU do to keep your motivation soaring?




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