Blood Sugars & Biking

If you’ve been following my instagram, you may have heard about how I just got a new job and that I am fortunate enough to be able to bike to and from work. It takes me about 25-30 minutes each way, and it’s mostly flat! …thank goodness. I am not pressured to be on time, and I’m also not biking super fast. If anything I’m pretty slow.

So what the heck is up with my blood sugars??

I cannot figure out how best to control my blood sugars for the quick ride to and from work. Side note: this doesn’t happen when I ride bike into the city, a comparable 15-20 minute ride OR when I go for runs.
Here are three examples from my five-day work week.

At least I don’t over treat my lows!

I once started at a solid and level 121, and when I got home I was 44. Thankfully I made it home. 

I also started at a nice 142, and ended at 60. AGAIN, thankfully I got home.

This one I also find crazy, starting at 207 (oops) and ending at a nice 87. This one I’m definitely okay with, minus the high BG, but ending at 87 is nice. However, it is still a HUGE drop.

In all situations I suspended my pump during the duration of my bike ride. It just seems like no matter what, I drop at least 80 mg/dl. I will start eating 5+ grams of carbs before I begin to see if that helps too.

For me these are all scary situations, as I am losing my ability to feel low blood sugars. I really only begin to notice I feel strange in the low 40’s. By that time, I need to act quickly.

I see my endocrinologist on Tuesday, so I look forward to addressing this biking problem as well as providing need for a CGM. No longer feeling my lows has made me extra “angsty”. …(a German word that I cannot find a better replacement for, sort of like scared but with some agitation involved).

Ugh, here’s to finding a solution soon! 


p.s. I use the app MySugr for logging all my meals, blood sugars, and activities.


  1. I’m on MDI but I get this often myself. I am hypo-unaware while exercising and have had a couple of close calls of almost fainting once I stopped pedaling.

    I’m not very knowledgeable on pumps, but maybe your insulin on-board is still high enough to cause these drops even when you suspend the pump during exercise? I’ve had to lower my bolus before a meal and the following exercise to avoid this from happening. (I try not to eat extra carbs for exercise.) Lowering my bolus has helped out more than eating extra for me.


    1. I have no insulin on board when I begin my bike. Lunchtime is usually 4 hours before I start biking again. I tried turning my pump off 15 minutes before I left yesterday and that seemed to help. Trial and error, but hoping for no error 😜


  2. Very strange. Looking forward to hearing what your endo has to say. I usually drop low when I exercise in the afternoon but I’m not on the pump so I put it down to peaking basal.


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