The Cure

I think about “the cure” often and never really know how to process what I’m feeling. It’s quite odd. I can also be quite cynical.

On one hand, I can’t wait for the day that I don’t need to think about every single thing I put into my body, but I’m not sure if that’s true. I’ve grown into a really informed person, who always contemplates what something does to my body. I’m not sure if I could let go of that side of myself.

I also think about what it would feel like to just eat everything I want..would I do it? Part of me could honestly eat four Snickers Almonds in one sitting and then the next day an entire jar of Nutella. But I don’t actually do that now….because I can’t. Would that change if there was a cure?

What would I do with all the extra time? I mean, I think about my diabetes all day. I’m a bit obsessive at times. The amount of time I contemplate how my body is, plus all the time actually physically managing my diabetes, it’s a lot. I’d have a lot of free-time.

But will there ever be a cure? I honestly don’t know. And this is where I get cynical. I doubt it. The world has around 422 million people with diabetes (WHO). In the United States alone, there are 30 million people with diabetes, with 1.25 million of those being Type 1. That’s a lot of people and a lot of pharmaceutical revenue. The amount of people with diabetes is growing significantly each year too. And sadly, we are Cash Cows for the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a mind-blowing fact:

The global Diabetes Pharmaceutical industry is a 54 billion dollar industry. Why? How?

This is why I am cynical. Why would there ever be a cure when we are worth 54 billion dollars?

I sincerely hope there is a cure. And I cannot wait for it. However, I am a realist.

What are your thoughts on a cure?




  1. My mother has type 2 and is told by her doctor the pills are no longer working so she is changing to needles soon. I feel very sad over this as my mother is not doing what she should in helping this. I believe healthy eating regular activity is a big part in this.

    As for a cure I can only pray and hope

    I would like to share one of my post if i can dealing on this subject


    1. Yes, type 2 is really unfortunate as it can be treated with a healthy lifestyle. I realize not all cases are like this and many other factors influence T2. However, no matter what I do, as a Type 1, will make it go away. The healthiest eating and lifestyle in the world will not make T1 disappear from my life. That can be very debilitating at times.
      I wish your mom all of the best 🙂 and I hope that your love and support can help her succeed!


    2. Keep in mind that all forms of diabetes are, in one way or another, progressive conditions. A healthy lifestyle is not a guarantee to stop the symptoms or have type 2 go into remission, it’s very possible that the condition just progresses to insulin dependency when they’re doing everything right. A portion of those people end up being type LADA, others are just going through the natural progress of what is a disease, not just a lifestyle condition. A healthy lifestyle should be something everyone strives for, including healthy people, but it certainly doesn’t prevent illnesses guaranteed.


  2. It’s funny, I was thinking about this the other day.

    If someone offered me a cure right now, I’d refuse. I am not defined by diabetes, but I’ve finally arranged my life to include it properly. How I eat, exercise, take care of my health, how my body functions in all imaginable situations, I’ve fine tuned my every day routines to ensure my diabetes goes as well as it can go. It took me a lot of time to accept that this is what my life’s going to be like until I hopefully grow old and die. A cure would mean I’d have to start all over

    AKA I finally accepted this nonsense and made it work, a cure feels like negating all my efforts and removing some purpose in staying healthy. (I was diagnosed in adulthood so it took a while to whip myself into shape, so to speak, and going back to my old bad ways would be easy.) Living with diabetes is risky, but it also has many hidden benefits that like to disappear beneath the complaints. I know my body better than I ever have before, I am putting more effort into my health because poor health has tangible, measurable results I can see every single day, it’s a great conversation starter to connect with people, it’s a great way to discover and appreciate the individuality in people because no two diabetics are the same etc.

    Not sure I’m ready to give that up after just giving it a comfy place in my life, honestly. Diabetes isn’t always as bad as it seems. I feel healthier than I ever have before. I am fitter and eat consciously. Life’s thrown me so many curve balls before that I can deal with this too and be happy. 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy you see the bright side and that you shared it. I often cover up the positives when I talk about T1. You’re right. We are “lucky”. We truly know our bodies.


  3. I often think about a cure! It’s definitely true I would have so much free time 🙂 I don’t know if the powers that be would let it stop, in Australia alone it’s a $10billion a year industry and there is 275 Australians diagnosed daily!!

    When there is a cure I don’t think I would go back to eating unhealthy or not exercising, after 26yrs being a Diabetic from a Kid it’s now built in and the norm 🙂

    I pray there is a cure one day 🙂

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    1. Exactly. It’s such a part of who we are. I’ve been T1 for 10.5 years. I was 15, but I still don’t remember the feeling of doing what I want! In a sense, we are better for it even though it does suck.


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