Annoying Human Instincts

Human instincts are pretty cool and can be lifesaving, but they can also wreck havoc on blood sugars. The prime example I’m referring to is low blood sugars and the inability to control the amount of food one consumes.

Last night, I woke up from a horrible and confusing dream to a low blood sugar of 56 mg/dl. I was so disoriented and had a really hard time deciding how to treat my blood sugar. I typically just use glucose tabs (Dextro Energy), but for whatever reason I headed toward the fridge to see if there was any juice. Silly me. No juice.

This is where the inability to control the amount of food one consumes becomes really frustrating. Instead of heading back to my room to eat 1-2 glucose tabs, I dove into the bread box. I had two pieces of bread, one with nutella and one with honey. WHY? Heavens…WHY?

I was in such a disillusioned state, that I couldn’t pull myself together to consider that eating more does not raise my blood sugar faster. It only raises it high(er).

So instead of treating my low blood sugar like a sane human, I overindulged thanks to my human instincts. It really is a crazy thing though. When it’s put into words, it’s even crazier. Our bodies are literally shutting down during low blood sugar episodes. So why wouldn’t we consume everything in sight?

Lesson to be learned here though, as hard as it is, consuming more will not raise blood sugar faster, it will just make it higher. Instead of waking up at 100 mg/dl, I woke up at 277 mg/dl.

Thank you human instincts. *Sarcasm





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