The New and Improved Medtronic Diabetes Insertion Devices

If you are relatively new to the diabetes game, you may not know how medieval the insertion devices for diabetes accessories used to be. I’ve only had my pump for 5 years, and even I have seen improvements in insertion devices. Until there is a cure, I’m thankful for these advancements.

The newest Medtronic Serters

Above are the newest inserters (Serters) from Medtronic. The Quick Set Serter is the smaller, round device, this replaced the old blue Serter, below. The taller Serter is for the Enlite Sensors.

The older, blue Quick Set Serter, and the new and improved gray and green Quick Set Serter.

What’s the difference between the Quick Set Serters? The new one requires both buttons on the side to be pushed before it inserts, there is more space between the edges of the device and the adhesive of the Quick Set, and it does not make such a loud bashing sound when inserted. The old blue one would partially inject if only one button was pushed, the adhesive had a higher chance of sticking to the side of the Serter, AND it made such an obnoxiously loud noise when inserting. Honestly, I love the new Serter. Have you tried it?

old insertion
The insertion devices for the Medtronic CGM have dramatically improved in the last 5 years.

However great the Quick Set Serters have improved, it’s a marginal advancement in comparison to the Sensor Serters. Evidence, see above! The blue devices are from when I had the Sof Sensors in 2012. Let me just say, it was horrible. I stopped using the sensors because the insertions were terrifying and painful. With the old Serter, I had to hold the device to my skin and try and choose the best angle for my body, all MANUALLY. There was also a technique to remove the Serter that I never managed, sort of like a swoop off technique. Anyone know what I mean? It was honestly traumatic. Thankfully, the Enlite Sensor Serter has dramatically improved. With the touch of both buttons, it inserts the sensor, and pain free. To remove it from the body, I just simply remove it. I don’t need to touch any buttons. Sweet!

What sort of advancements are you thankful for? 



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