The Best Hidden Feature on my Meter 

If you wear an insulin pump, one with tubing, you’ve probably had experiences where it wasn’t convenient to whip out your pump and bolus. A great example is if you’re wearing a dress and it’s clipped on your hip or between the girls. No matter how free and open you are with your diabetes, no one wants to put their hand down their shirt at the dinner table. 

Here’s where the 640g pump from Medtronic, 630g in the US, really starts to shine. The meter that comes with the pump is integrated to send a remote bolus! 

No more awkward moments of fishing up your skirt or shoving your hands down your top! 

The only drawback is that it is not programmed to know your correction scale or carb ratios, so you’ll need to bolus blindly. It’s a manual bolus-so to speak. 

Here’s how it works: 

One the main screen, select Bolus

Then select Manual Bolus

Enter the number of units for the bolus

Confirm your bolus

Once you hit yes, confirming the bolus, the meter will chat with the pump and relay the dosage. 

Then sit back and enjoy the insulin flow.

What’s your favorite feature on your pump? 



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