Letting go of the Uncontrollable

I have the privilege of being able to ride my bike to work every single day. Mostly rain or shine. But I prefer being driven when it’s quite rainy. (Back story: I’m not legally allowed to drive in Germany with my Minnesota, USA, license. If I want to, I just need to take the written test.) 

However, I’m still having issues keeping my blood sugar in check on my way home. I discussed this issue in a previous post where I would go low (doc told me to suspend and eat, which is what I’m doing). Phenomenally, I don’t have an issue in the morning; my blood sugar stays stable. If I were to take a stab at why – I think it’s because of recent active insulin from my lunch that impacts my ride home. I mostly eat at 12:30 each day, and leave work around 4.

Here’s a quick break down. Mornings I can leave my pump on normal, no basal rate changes. Afternoon bike ride, I have to suspend my pump, and consume 15-25g of silly carbs that I don’t want to consume. Sometimes I go low, sometimes I’m high as a kite after. It’s never the same either, which is hard to treat.










I just don’t understand how it works, or how I can prepare for whatever will happen. How can I start at 111 mg/dl one day, and end at 205 mg/dl, while today I started at 156 mg/dl and ended at 128 mg/dl???? I eat one granola bar each day and suspend my pump. How can it be so variable?

I cannot predict what will happen, and that frightens me. But I also need to learn to let go and not get so frustrated by something that is seemingly out of my control. I just hate ruining perfect blood sugar days with a high mixed in there. That’s the defeating part.

Any advice??


p.s. I use the app MySugr for logging all my meals, blood sugars, and activities.


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  1. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity for up to 18 hours (or more) after the exercise. Perhaps some mornings you work harder on your ride, e.g. if there is headwind. That would show up in your numbers later in the day. Physical activity at your work has a similar effect. Another factor is the amount of fat you consume on a particular day.


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