My Favorite Type

…well scrap that. I was going to say my favorite type of diabetic is Type 3. But after doing some quick research, it’s actually a type of diabetes that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease which results from resistance to insulin in the brain. Here’s the article.

So now I’m not sure what to call them, but my favorite type of diabetics are the type that are super supportive, inquisitive, sensitive, and understanding, all without actually having diabetes.  These are our friends and family, the ones who understand. The ones who TRY and understand. There’s a big difference.

I just met up with a friend that I haven’t seen in nearly a year, and we talked about Type 1 and my daily life for a good few hours this weekend. She asked a million questions, and really began to understand the struggles and challenges I go through on a daily basis. She is the best.

On the other hand, I have a few friends who have never asked me questions, or even wanted to hear anything pertaining to my diabetes. It’s almost like they don’t care to know why I have a machine attached to me 24/7. It’s a little debilitating when someone you are friends with does not care to know about your condition, even worse when it’s family.

But that’s okay, the friends and family who DO care, make up for them.

End note: I love meeting other T1Ds because they automatically understand, but there is something special about non-diabetics who care just as much.

What’s your favorite type?





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