Snail Mail: Beyond Type 1

There's nothing quite like the  connection one feels when meeting another Type 1. No matter how supportive family and friends are, no one can understand the ups and downs of diabetes quite like another T1D.

I'm so thankful for the online diabetes community, and I'm also very thankful for the opportunity Beyond Type 1 has given me to be connected to another Type 1. I like it because it's not a virtual connection, it's a pen and paper connection, via snail mail.

You can sign up here to be matched with another T1D; then let the writing and stamp licking begin.

Beyond Type 1 also has an app that is just for T1Ds. Check it out!





  1. I’m a big snail mail nerd and a T1D as well, so I was excited to sign up for this program! I wrote to my penpal twice, though, and she never replied. If you’re looking for a penpal who’s up for ranting about diabetes, feel free to message me!


  2. I have a pen pal too! She writes 14 page letters…I’m trying to suggest a more acceptable length without offending her. Any ideas?


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