The Happiest Diabetics

Below you’ll find a list of registered participants for the Happy Diabetic Challenge. Go give them some love and positive energy! If you’d like to be on the list, just fill out this speedy quick form.


Anne on Instagram: @runnehilde

Katharina on Instagram: @fit_diabetic_kb

Johanna on Instagram: @lowcarbdiabetes

Jessica on Instagram: @jessica.diabetes.typ1

Kendra on Instagram: @kayandT1


Anne on Instagram: @theartisandiabetic and Facebook: theartisandiabetic


Giulia on Instagram: @juli_t1d


Lydia on Instagram: @lydiabetez

Anouk on Tumblr: letthisbemypeaceofmind

United Kingdom

Nessa on Instagram: @nessatype1d

Tilly on Instagram: @sweettilly


Megan on Instagram: @strut.and.pump

Mia on Instagram: @mufasanella

Halle on Instagram: @hallehayward

Colleen on Instagram: @huntforunicorns

Sara on Instagram: @sareliza26

Kendra on Instagram: @kayandT1


updated 11.6.2017



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