The Cost of Living

Today is the kickoff for the happy diabetic challenge. I wanted to highlight how grateful I am to be living where I am. My last order of pump supplies, below, has a retail cost of 1140 Euro. I paid 0 Euro.

Sometimes I am all too forgetful that I have such incredible insurance here in Germany.

I’ve lived on the other side of the coin, the US, so I can compare the feelings. I used to dread having to order supplies for the fear of the costs involved. Worrying about being able to afford medication and supplies that I needed to literally live was not a pleasant feeling.

However, I have grown accustomed to paying nothing for my supplies. I know that when I order them or go to the pharmacy, I will not need to pay. Oh wait, for insulin I pay 10 Euro for 5 vials. But that is it.


I wish accessibility and affordability did not depend on legislation and billionaire pharmaceutical companies ruling the land.

What are you thankful/grateful/happy for?


p.s. to learn more about the happy diabetic challenge and join in on the positivity, check out this link.



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