To Those Who Listen

Yo. Here’s what’s amazing: when non-T1s inquire and want to know more about Type 1. You know, those who are actually willing to ask questions instead of staring at your pump/pump site/bleeding finger/…etc.

It has been a wonderful week full of educating non-T1s and it is honestly so fulfilling. My direct coworkers are so supportive and ask so many questions that it’s shocking sometimes! I am so thankful for their curiosity.

I even spoke with a coworker, from another department, at the coffee machine for a few minutes about T1 because she saw my pump site and wanted to learn more.

It’s awesome, especially when you can sense people actually care to hear your answers!

Even today, I had a spontaneous opportunity to show my pump and pump site to my pharmacist and one of her workers. They knew what diabetes was, and that T1 is different than T2. But they had never received training with pumps directly, so when they saw mine, they quickly asked me to show them the basics in the pharmacist’s office.

Education is key! Let people ask questions. Whenever you get a chance, keep it positive and educational. It’s hard when you speak to cinnamon believers, but being mean is never nice, right?



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