5 Questions to Ask Someone with Diabetes

It’s invigorating when someone takes an interest in what life with diabetes is like. And it seems we often focus on what people shouldn’t say or ask, but what do we actually want them to ask us? Looking back on specific conversations, there are a few questions that people ask that get the ball rolling for great, awareness-driven, and educational conversations. So without further ado, here’s my list of what others should ask us:

5 Questions to ask someone with diabetes

  1. How long have you had diabetes?
  2. Can you still eat everything you want to?
  3. How often do you need to change your pump / how many times do you need to inject each day?
  4. What happens if you blood sugar is too high or too low?
  5. Where do you keep your life saving items (glucagon, dextrose, etc)?

The dialog that happens between these questions leads to even more great topics.

And here’s a shout out to those who ask questions and show interest in type 1 diabetes. And to people with diabetes reading this, you know how great it feels when others care, so be mindful and ask away when you meet someone with something you have no knowledge about.

What questions do you like people to ask you about your life with diabetes?


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  1. Very nice. This should be helpful for most non-diabetics. A girl asked me a few days back, “How is life with diabetes?” It would be great if you could post some answers to tricky questions, as well as the questions. Thanks for blogging!


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