Eleven Years with Type 1 Diabetes

43570640_UnknownHoly Crap. I’ve lived 11 out of my 25 years on this planet with T1D. That’s 44% of my life so far. In just three years, I will have spent half my life with the D. But I won’t get too far ahead of myself yet.

The last 11 years have honestly flown by. They’ve been full of triumphs and struggles, major hurdles and some sweet victories.

I’ve definitely gone through my fare share of D-Denial and horrible control, especially  during my first five years. Some days still suck to pull through. I’ve had to fight tooth and nail with insurance companies to get the care I deserve. But mostly, I’ve had to fight with myself so that I give the best care and attention that I can because in the end, only I can do that. No one else can do it for me.

But it’s the things that bring me closest to other diabetics, and people who try and understand, that make the biggest positive impact on my life with D. The instagram community has been positively outstanding; as well as everyone who joined me in the Happy Diabetic Challenge! Bringing positivity into D-life is significantly important.

Most importantly, it’s imperative to accept life with the D. It’s not going away anytime soon. I didn’t want to type that, but it’s an unfortunate reality. Let’s hope that one day I will eat my words…maybe with a huge slice of cake too!


P.S. Just a side note: I do not call it a “diaversary” or anything silly like that. It’s just the day that my life changed forever. I can remember it when it comes up, but I do not need to give it a title.



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