Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Myabetic Handbag

It has been five wonderful days with my Myabetic handbag, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s honestly the best diabetes accessory I’ve acquired in my near 11 years with T1. Why do I love it so much?

Here are the top 5 reason why I love my Myabetic handbag:

  1. The middle compartment holds everything T1D related. Nothing is swimming around, it’s all secure. No more ugly plastic case that comes with meters that floats around with everything else in bags. It’s amazing to have one dedicated compartment that holds literally everything for T1: test strips, meter, poker, glucagon, glucose tabs, insulin pens, needles, lancets, etc.. ALSO, it has a little zippered pouch that is secured with removable velcro, to the inside of the bag that is made for used test strips and needles! No more bottomless test strip pit!
Removable pouch for used test strips or needles

2. The compartment for diabetes supplies opens completely so that the bag “fans” open, allowing for full access to what’s inside. This makes it really easy to stand and test in public instead of having to find a bench or have your friend hold your supplies on a pedestal! IMG_5094

3. There are two additional compartments for non-D supplies, one in the front and one back, both with zippers to secure everything. Each compartment also has sub-pockets. The back compartment  has a zippered mini pocket and the front compartment has a little pouch. Through these additional pockets, I can carry around my tablet, phone, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, and more!


4. It’s so fashionable and “normal” looking that no one knows that it’s a diabetes bag. I’ve already gotten so many compliments on it and not one person has realized that it’s made for diabetes supplies.

5. It’s a cross-body handbag. Living in Europe, I am always on the go, and this bag is practical. When I ride bike, it goes in my basket with the strap wrapped around my seat, or when I’m wearing it, it stays in place and doesn’t get in my way. This is perhaps a taste aspect, but I only use cross-body bags.

At first impression, I felt like the straps needed to be placed differently, with one strap on the back compartment and one strap across on the front pocket to help balance the bag better. However, after a few days of use, I determined that it is actually better this way so that the middle compartment fans open and everything is easily accessible. So I proved myself wrong!

All in all, the Cherise handbag from Myabetic is a great reminder that diabetes does not have to be dull or shameful! It can be full of quality and style!

Does it sound like something you’re interested in having too? Check out the Myabetic website where you can also take a mini quiz to see which bag would suit your needs best!


P.S. you can also read my MINI review here!


Full disclosure: Myabetic provided this product to me at no cost in exchange for an honest review. This review and my comments are my true opinions and are not biased.


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