Homemade Peanut Butter

Making homemade nut butter is really easy. I wish I would have known that a long time ago. When I make it myself, I know EXACTLY what’s inside, and I definitely do not miss all of the chemicals and added- sugar in store bought nut butters, especially peanut butter. This recipe is universal and can be used to make any nut butter, like Almond Butter.

Here’s what you need

Peanuts, unsalted
Oil, like Olive oil or Coconut oil
*optional, sugar free sweetener

Here’s what you do

The entire process takes about 10-15 minutes. Put the peanuts in a food processor and start blending. Blend peanuts until a flour like consistency forms. At this point, add about 1 tablespoon of oil, to help the natural oils release. If using sweetener, add desired amount now, but this can always be added later. Keep blending, and blending. Eventually a thick peanut butter consistency will form. Be patient. Timing depends on your blender. Oil will also help speed up the process, but be careful not to add too much or you’ll end up with runny PB.

The peanuts turn into a flour-like consistency. Add the oil at this stage.

The thickness can be determined by how much oil is added. For thick PB, use less oil, for runnier PB, add more oil.

That’s it! 

Do you make your own nut butters?




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