Will this high be one too many?

I used to treat my diabetes with the approach that I deserve certain things for working so hard. For example: I just had a great day of blood sugars, I should treat myself to pizza or a piece of cake. For a very long time, this is how I “managed” my diabetes. But I’ve recently started applying the concept of will this high be the one high too many that starts causing complications?

Diabetes is a difficult disease, I don’t deny that. But I am not doing myself any service by treating myself with horrible foods just because I think I’ve earned it. More often than not, those treat foods are the ones that cause excessive and unpredictable blood sugar spikes. Also, I am not a dog. I don’t need treats.

The threat of diabetes complications always seems so far away. That’s part of the issue. I start feeling horrible when I get above 130 mg/dl, mainly because I aim for normalized blood sugars. I am entitled to a normal person’s blood sugars and that is what I strive for. But if I start feeling bad above 130 mg/dl, what happens when I eat carb and fat loaded pizza? I spike over 200 mg/dl and never come back below 130 mg/dl for at least 5 hours? That’s insane. Why would I do that to myself?

Every time I play a joke on myself when I say I’ll be able to bolus better to cover the meal. But the issue is, these foods are so unpredictable, it’s nearly impossible to cover correctly without causing dramatic swings in blood sugar.

So my question to you is, is that spike going to be the one that starts to cause complications?

We don’t need to live in fear, but we do need to be conscious of the choices we make and what they will end up meaning.

Also, there are so many low carb options for favorites like cookies, cake, pizza, pasta, etc! Next time you’re thinking about that carby, unpredictable food, I dare you to google “low carb (what you’re craving)” and I guarantee you’ll find a delicious alternative that won’t send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride.

Don’t live in fear, but be proactive! 




  1. I love this so much! This is how I always try to explain or justify my decision to eat low carb and mostly Paleo to other people. And I always get the response, “why not just this ONE time?!” or “One day of high blood sugars won’t hurt you!” But what they don’t understand is not only the physical discomfort of having unpredictable highs, but also the emotional discomfort of not knowing how high you will go, how long it will take to come back down, will this be the time that puts me in the hospital(?), etc! It’s just not worth it to me. Glad we can relate.

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