The Bright Side of Diabetes

img_2179Living with type 1 diabetes is not easy and most of the time it really sucks. I lived way too long going through the motions with this mindset. Wishing it would go away. Wishing for a cure. Wishing someone would understand what it truly means to live with this invisible disease. But it was such an emotionally and physically draining mindset; I knew I needed to change.

Fast forward a bit… 

I found that when I immersed myself in knowledge and educated myself more in depth, I felt better. I looked for information beyond what my doctor told me in a thirty minute appointment. By looking up information, even on blogs or forums, I was seeking to understand this disease and I immediately felt better. img_2474

Along the way, I learned so much. Beyond the best techniques to take care of myself, like eating low carb, I learned that I needed to remain positive in order to truly accept this disease. I will never understand why I was “chosen” to be diagnosed with this disease, so I may as well move on.

Part of the reason why I created the Happy Diabetic Challenge was to find the silver lining of living with diabetes. I’ve since found my reasons why having diabetes can be positive, but I wanted others to find their reasons too.

My Bright Sides:

  1. I am a nutritional guru and am actually the healthiest I’ve ever been (physically, mentally, and ESPECIALLY cognitively).
  2. I don’t give up, ever. I am a beacon of strength and living with diabetes taught me this.
  3. I grew up REAL fast. This is not a bad thing. I matured quickly and feel like I was able to achieve a lot more than my peers, simply through the resilience of living with diabetes.
  4. When I do my best to remain positive, my care actually improves and I am more invested in my health. Bad days happen, but it’s how I react to them that matters. I found that this mindset it transferable to everyday life,  not just living with the D.
  5. I have a second full-time job that I LOVE, my blog and instagram. Kidding, but it DOES feel like a second job. I love sharing my journey and helping others. Interacting with the diabetes online community each day is a real treat!

My bright sides may be very different from yours. I asked my Instagram followers what their Bright Sides are, check them out below.

Bright Sides from the Diabetes Online Community:

  • I believe I am healthier now than I ever thought I could be! The extra steps I take each day to eat good foods for me and being so in tune with my body is incredible. Knowledge is power, and the diagnosis itself gives you the ability to help control this disease to the best of your ability. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for LIFE, and I get to share the hope with others that even on really hard days, we have each other and we’ve made it through before! (rachel.g.mercer)
  • Bright side of having diabetes, is helping the people I’ve helped being called out to local schools talking with newly diagnosed children and their families, gaining a new diabetic family of my own through The Nevada Diabetes Association/ being a Youth Leadership Program Director for them. Diabetes has 100% made me the person I am today. (sincity_type1)
  • One of my bright sides is I’ve becoming a risk taker. I skydived for @diabetesuk a few years back and I accept more challenges that come my way (type1shay)
  • It’s made me stronger and more resilient as a person. I’ve been lucky enough to have people messaging me telling me I inspire them to try harder because they see what I deal with with this disease. I think community means a lot and our voices are heard further and our actions are seen further than we think. (jellybean.nose)
  • Fighting for diabetic rights for better access to supplies and CGM for all diabetics, because now reality is that adults have to pay and only mostly kids and pregnant women only get technology to manage it… others are forgotten by system and it’s crushing them. So awakening inside ppl their rights for be a normal and have normal BG, have access to technology and even enough needles and insulin- rights for insulin are important. (type1lcsk)
  • Never stops searching for meaning in life (t1d_kobi)
  • Helped me get into a healthier….not perfect…but defo a more healthier one than i was before being diagnosed…. plus nice being part of a amazing community and chatting to people is a very nice feeling (darrenmills132)
  • Definitely my diabuddies!!! (ehmichelle)
  • Discipline. resilience. self health awareness. organization. mad (at least solid) cooking skills. steadiness. tenacity. compassion. healthy habits. All of these traits I owe some if not all to being a diabetic starting at an early age. (clemags)
  • 1. The community and friends I’ve made! 2. Self awareness with what I eat and do with my body 3. T1D gave me a voice and a reason to be passionate about something!! 3. Maturity and the awesome person I am today 4. I believe I am healthier in my pregnancies (currently pregnant with #2) – and no glucose test lol. (stephanietaylr)

So tell me, what are your bright sides of living with diabetes?


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