November 2018 Happy Diabetic Challenge

img_2475I created the Happy Diabetic Challenge to help create a positive outlook, raise awareness, and provide inclusion for the diabetes online community. And since then, I’ve brought it back each year to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month – November.

The goal is to raise awareness for how alienating, depressing, and difficult diabetes is, but with a twist, to turn all the negativity into POSITIVITY. It’s a fact that people with diabetes are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with depression that non-diabetics ( So instead of focusing on the negativity and how much diabetes sucks, I challenge you to find a silver lining each day in November. It won’t always be easy, but each day will become easier as you’re more aware of your positive mindset.

Here are the November 2018 Happy Diabetic Challenge prompts:


Please: like, share, SCREAM, tag, repost, etc, to help raise as much awareness as possible. Let us be heard during OUR month!




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