Planning for Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy is extra helpful if you have type 1 diabetes like I do.

Before I started to think about the impacts of my diabetes on getting pregnant, I wanted and needed to understand my body much deeper than I was ever taught. This book was recommended by many women and after doing a bit of research, I decided to buy Beyond the Pill by @drjolenebrighten. (This is not sponsored!)

I was on the pill for a long time without ever really questioning it or asking myself what the consequences and side effects could be. When I started doing more research, it infuriated me. No one told me that the pill depleted certain nutrients and that I should have been taking a prenatal while on it. No one told me that the “period” you get on the pill is not even a period at all. No one told me that discharge is normal and can help track where you’re at in your cycle. No one told me …far too many things that should be taught to young women. ‼️

At age 27, I was finally learning more about my body. I felt cheated, but I also felt SUPER empowered by what Dr. Brighten was sharing and teaching. I felt like I was finally understanding my body and what it does each month, and also what it is capable of doing. This book gave me to tools to heal after so many years on the pill.

Although MOST of my pregnancy planning revolved around diabetes, I would 100% recommend all women pick up this book and read through it whether planning a pregnancy or not.

Have you read this book? What other resources like this book have made you feel empowered? ⭐️



  1. Never read the book, but I have went through two pregnancies with Type 1 Diabetes and was on the Depo-Provera shot for 12 year before having my first. I went off it in August 2010 and got pregnant late Dec 2010. My OB/GYN was highly knowledgeable with Type 1 and was able to keep me from having to see a specialist as well as her. She worked with my Endocrinologist who had no problems letting her handle everything.

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      1. Mine can scare some people. I’ve talked about mine before. I had severe preeclampsia with both my kids. I also had severe lows with my second child.


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