Why the Nick Jonas Dexcom Super Bowl Ad isn’t Helpful

Nick Jonas only talks about diabetes when he’s getting paid to do it. Remember when he partnered with Cigna? How about how his baby, Beyond Type 1, accepts insulin manufacturer funding? Now he’s partnering with Dexcom in a Super Bowl commercial rumored to cost way too much.⁠⁠
He’s never once spoken about the insulin affordability crisis. Heck, he hardly even talks about diabetes. ⁠⁠
One in 4 people with diabetes ration their insulin. This is a pre-pandemic statistic. I don’t even want to know what it is now. ⁠⁠People suffer long term complications from rationing, and some have even died. Additionally, most people with diabetes report not using a CGM because of the cost.
We don’t need Dexcom ads. We need insulin affordability.⁠⁠

Partnering with pharma is not advocacy.

Please don’t idolize a Ph*rma shill. ⁠⁠
If you think he cares about you and your ability to afford and take care of yourself, you’re not living on the same planet as the rest of us.⁠⁠

And don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t need to speak about his diabetes. He doesn’t need to show us his devices. But when he does, I truly feel like we can expect more.

I would also like to point out that he doesn’t even show his devices in the ad. He literally is holding a phone that shows the Dexcom app. See the ad here.

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