Enneagram Types and Diabetes Management

Do you know your enneagram type? How do you think it relates to the way you manage your diabetes?

@jenhasdiabetes and @mylifewithmody introduced me to the wonderful world of enneagrams and together we gathered info from the diabetes online community to see how our “type” relates to how we manage diabetes. COOL!

Don’t know your enneagram type? Use this free test and leave a comment with how your type relates to your diabetes!

First, check out these awesome graphics made by Jen that help describe how the two relate to each other.


I would say I always try very hard to keep my levels in range. If they’re off, I’m trying to think of things I can do better next time. I often feel guilty when high. I plan a lot to keep my routine and have put off some trips ’cause I was afraid of not being able to get the right foods fe. I have sadly developed a bad relationship with food atm. -anonymous

Type 1 reformer. Damn neurotic. I have always been a bit anal retentive with pretty much anything I do. The perfectionist tendencies tend to hinder my ability to relax and just let things be some times. I’m a lot better than say ten years ago. I’m extremely calculated on what I eat and don’t eat mainly for general health but that carried over upon finding out I’m diabetic. When finding out before my MODY diagnosis I beat myself up so hard with shame because I had always been nutritional mindful and very physically active and fit. It has taken me time these last few years to find grace and have found humor in it all to cope with it. But, the inability to control it entirely does at times affect my mood. It’s a work in progress. The rigidity is real. – @mody5jenn 

I got 1, the reformer, and then 1w2, which I think pretty sums up my personality, however with my diabetes management I definitely could be more perfectionist, but sometimes you just can’t, if you know what I mean. I do always feel that I could do better in my management and it’s my fault though. – @insulinception 


I am superbly independent and like to micromanage. – @diabeticandherdog

I’m a 2w1. Sometimes I’m too busy helping, I don’t take care of myself and then I beat myself up when it’s not “perfect”. Yup. I’m def a 2 with a pretty strong 1 wing. – @tanzenmitgott

I feel like when I educate I am doing good and helping our community and smashing assumptions and ignorance. I used to not like talking about it, but nowadays I am always open to questions. My friend was diagnosed with Type 2 during her pregnancy and I went out of my way to help and send her the resources to make it easier for her. It is all about making it easier. – @the.travellingmind

As a type 2, I am empathetic and drive to be close to and help others. I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and my diagnosis of diabetes made it clear that this was the population I wanted to serve. Working in the diabetes community is the most rewarding career I could’ve chose as I’m able to relate to my clients on a personal level which as a type 2 warms me up! – @t1d.nutritionist 

So I’m a 2W3. I think this is very accurate to how I got about my life but most importantly my diabetes care! I am very possessive of my diabetes. I share my data with my husband and parents but it really makes me upset when my husband is sitting next to me watching a movie etc and pulls up the app and checks it. Like the point is if I’m sleeping and something starts to go wrong or we aren’t together. I have had some arguments about that. With my wing 3, I feel coMfortable sharing everything which matches with my insta page. I’m unashamed and my dream is to be a surgeon, to be an endoscopic Interventionist with a PhD in pancreatic genetics so that I can find a cure of pancreatic disease’. –@willowann8


I’m a type 3, and I think it mostly relates to my mgmt style with diabetes!!! Esp about seeking validation for my work lollllllllll I text my endo all the time and I’m like “hi am I doing a good job thanks” – @laurenliz__

“So 3s are always striving to be the best and I definitely feel those impacts on diabetes. I take the losses personally when blood sugars don’t go the way predict or want. I actually had an a1c of 5.2 at 12 before CGMs and was told to take control of having a life beyond diabetes because I was testing 12+ times a day in an OCD-like manner. I’ve definitely come into my own and so now I try to spread my achievement – especially highlighting what I’ve done well with T1D – to inspire and affirm others which is a classic 3. I actually just finished my BCBA coursework too and I want to use it with diabetes which is really rare in the field but emphasizes the enneagram type!” – @type1toremember 

I definitely feel like I’m very hard on myself when it comes to my management style. I feel like I’m always trying to get good numbers & always trying to do better . I always  try to achieve great diabetes management. On a positive note though, I feel like being this type has pushed me to overcome obstacles. I always wanted to show others that diabetes doesn’t define me and with the proper management I can live a pretty “normal life”. – @papayabetic

I’m an enneagram type 3 and I feel like crying if I go over 160 hahahaha. I am super controlling about my management. – @dietcokeanddiabetes


Diabetes definitely played a part in me feeling as if I don’t belong anywhere. @typeonegloria 


I am a 5w4 and I manage my diabetes myself. I had a 4.8 A1C during pregnancy and also managed it by myself. I’ve found that most doctors aren’t very helpful. Research on my own through reading books. – @hey_sare

5. I’m not sure. It aligns with me feeling like a failure a lot with diabetes and wanting to be better. @salty_type1


“I think 6 fits me pretty well in general. I tend to play it safe, and having things go off-plan can stress me out. I tend to be very intense about my control, and want things exactly a certain way. 🤏🏻 of a control freak, which has been an interesting thing to balance with a disease that likes to change course for no apparent reason. 🤣 I have a hard time trusting new things, anxiety is a giant pain in my ass, and I over compensate for that with wanting everything “just so.” The inconsistencies with “best practice” when I was diagnosed and the struggles with the medical/insurance stuff has been really difficult for me because if there’s a system in place it should work… and if it doesn’t work it should be fixed. And that’s not how it works. 😂 Inefficiency and lack of follow through makes me crazy. – @lifeofat1d

My enneagram test was a 6 The Loyalist. I think it applies to me in diabetes management because I am looking for support in managing it, although I am able to independently and securely manage it when I’m at my best. My anxiety factors in a lot to when I test my blood sugars (before driving/exercise/etc.) The anxiety also factored in keeping myself higher in situations where I was fearful of dropping low. –@shealyndesiree


I manage my diabetes enthusiastically 😆loudly and proudly. I feel most safe and comfortable when folks around me know I have T1D! I also feel most in-tune with my body when I have a great relationship with my diabetes care team to talk about my management. – @kamahkazee

One thing I have learned over my diabetes journey is that I have to be my own best advocate. Type 8 are self-confident and assertive and that makes a huge difference when working with doctors and HCP. Also, 8s have a hard time being vulnerable and I am guilty of only showing the good of my diabetes and covering up or downplaying the bad. –@ladawithlynda 


9w2 Type 9 i think that I just kinda quietly deal with what comes my way. I talk about my diabetes but I don’t shout it to the world. If that makes sense. Type 2 for me is I always try to help people that are newly diagnosed with stuff. That they may not understand or have been told about stuff so if I have felt it or done it I help. I don’t mind listening to people if they just need to vent about stuff. – @kthmptn

9w8 I tend to downplay diabetes so that it doesn’t upset anyone around me. If I am low I don’t want anyone to know. I am very open about it on Instagram and with my husband but in real life I tend to keep it very private. I also tend to ignore anything bad diabetes wise and just pretend like it isn’t happening. I have a really hard time advocating for myself, but my 8 wing will come out if I see anyone bad mouthing any type of diabetes! Endo/doctors appointments make me super anxious because the thought of the doctor being disappointed in me makes me want to barf.  @mylifewithmody 

I’m a 9 w 1! I think mine fits with my enneagram cause I’m always like “this is fine everything is fine” and I can’t decide between dexcom libre omnipod mdi and tslim😂 I’m like I like them all😌 – @mary.type1

Type 9. I often forget I have needs like eating. And taking care of those needs feels like a burden because I have to take insulin. -@nfaria92

Don’t know your enneagram type? Use this free test and leave a comment with how your type relates to your diabetes!

Any guesses on what enneagram type I am?


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