Diabulimia Resources


Natalie is a peer recovery mentor who, after struggling with her own battles with Diabulimia and finding recovery, helps others with their recovery journeys. You can find resources and help by going to her Instagram @typebalanced_ or joining the free mentorship program at www.wearediabetes.org

Center for Change in Orem, UT, specializes in eating disorders / diabulimia and will do free intakes/consultations.

Diabulimia Helpline: 24/7 phone line. They also have an abundance of resources and links to support groups, etc.



LWL Psychosomatic Klinik in Bochum

Cindy ist selbst von der Diabulimie betroffen und befindet sich in ihrer Recoveryphase. Sie teilt ihren Weg und ihre Tipps auf Instagram (@diamindchange) und hat immer ein offenes Ohr, auch wenn es nicht um die Diabulimie geht.

If you are aware of additional resources, please contact me so this post can be updated. Thank you!


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