The Happiest Diabetics: Take Two

Day 100 is finally here!

Can you believe the Happy Diabetic Challenge is over?! I honestly can’t. Day 100 flew and hit me in the face this morning!

For me, the challenge was a definite learning experience. There were a few days where I wanted to skip my post. I had bad site changes. I had faulty sensors. My blood sugars remained ungodly high all night. I had a really freaky scary low.

BUT I learned to find the shining star through all the bullshit diabetes throws at us each day. As I said in the original post, diabetes is an asshole. It’s hard. Diabetics are more likely to have depression verses non-diabetics. Because of this, I wanted to bring some positivity into the lives of diabetics.

After the first week, I thought to myself, “what in the heck am I supposed to post today?” Then, throughout the challenge, I learned to find something that I could focus on and to throw some positivity in the air. Sometimes my little piece of positivity was a new low carb recipe, or writing to my diabetic pen pal, or the learning curve of diabetes, and of course I had days of stellar blood sugars, so that was easy to post about!

Nevertheless, I learned to turn my day back into a positive one, regardless of what the dreaded D threw my way. 

Here’s what other’s have to say about their Happy Diabetic Challenge experience: 

Stacey @type1stacey

The 100 day happy diabetic challenge has honestly had such an amazing impact on me! I’m so much more positive about everything after this and my diabetes team agrees that I’ve just been doing so much better physically and emotionally! Thank you so so much!

Jess @jessica.t1d

Of course, life with diabetes is still hard, but if we decide to focus on the positive we can be more happy and have the energy to get through rough patches and challenging parts. If we focus on the good instead of bad, we become more resilient. We build optimism by being thankful and aware for the positive things in our lives. And we, as chronically ill people do need optimism more than anyone else.

The challenge had such an impact on me, I’m thinking of making it a 365 challenge!

Colleen @huntforunicorns

This challenge has definitely been difficult (I haven’t even finished yet), but extremely rewarding. Biggest lesson? none of us choose to have T1D, but we can choose how we react to it. It’s about finding our happy, even on the hard days. Because of this challenge, I’ve been able to push past the ‘hate T1D’ days and find that silver lining.

Micaela @lampada3

I’ve agreed to participate in this challenge because diabetes is a taboo in my country. No one talks about it, it’s still like a secret. During the 100 days, I had the opportunity to meet many other people like me and it was very nice. It might seem strange, but thanks to all the people, I can focus on positive aspects about this disease. We can fix it, not alone, together.

Anne @theartisandiabetic

I was very happy to join the @the.insulin.type 100 day challenge. I have often struggled with T1, but have always been grateful for the medical and everyday improvements that make T1 easier to cope with.

I would have had no trouble listing 20 things, but the challenge unearthed lots of other things that help me stay safe and well. I am hugely grateful for the messages and encouragement I have received from followers!


I’ve been loving the Happy Diabetic Challenge — I’m a bit behind in days, given it took me some time to commit to the idea of posting something positive each and every day. And in fact, I haven’t posted EVERYDAY. While I always catch up, the “skip days” are a reminder that Type 1 Diabetes has its ups and downs, its highs and lows and its roller coaster tendencies. Ultimately, my reaction to it all is the balancing force I need to swing upwards and bring forth positivity and strength to my situation.

Hannah @mianix_dianix

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was six years old. I remember my mum crying when the doctor told her. I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t know my life had just changed forever.

A few months ago I discovered some Instagram Accounts of diabetics telling their story, sharing their life and their struggles with others. I was so inspired that I started an account of my own shortly before the challenge began.
I must say, the challenge and of course the whole diabetes community has changed the way I see myself and my daily companion, Mr. D.

Especially with having to discuss my illness every day (or not every day, as I am not the most disciplined person 😀 ) I started to accept the fact that I’ll be living with this condition for the rest of my life. And with the acceptance came the better numbers! I wasn’t afraid anymore to show my pump or my site. I didn’t hide my meter when I checked my blood sugar. Because I knew that there were so many more people like me out there, people struggling with the same stupid things everyday. It’s never easy, even when the numbers are good!

You can never stop taking care of Diabetes. But the community, the challenge and the people I „got to know“ over this challenge changed the way I treat myself, the way I think about „being sick“ and the way I live life with a chronic illness. And not only did the challenge change my mindset, it affected my blood sugars, too! I am down to an average blood sugar that I would have dreamt of just three months ago. There’s still so much to do, but this is one very important step towards improvement!

Thank you, Leah, for bringing this challenge to life!

Thank you to everyone who has participated, even if it wasn’t every day! And thank you to everyone who kept me going when it got rough!

You are an inspiration!




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