Myabetic Mini Review

In this MINI Review, with a full review to follow, I want to introduce you to my new best friend. Have you already heard about Myabetic, the maker of the world’s most beautiful diabetes handbag? If not, let me have the pleasure of introduction!


First, let me get something off my chest. In nearly 11 years with diabetes, I have always used those super ugly, plastic, zipper pouches that come with meters. But I am happy to announce that I am finally finished with the days of searching for purses that will hold all of my supplies PLUS everyday non-D essentials.


Why is the search over? Meet the Cherise handbag, from Myabetic!


The Cherise handbag is immediately eye-catching and comes in a few other super sweet colors. It’s heavy duty, but light in weight. It keeps my supplies secure, and there’s more than enough space for me to fit ALL MY DIABETES supplies! The adjustable strap is great too! I’m not one to pack lightly, and this bag holds my tablet, phone, small wallet, keys, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, etc in the two other pockets (front and back)!

I have yet to leave the house with my new favorite treasure, but I’ll be sure to give a FULL review when I do! In the meantime, go see which Myabetic bag is perfect for you.





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