The Ultimate Holiday (Diabetes) Gift Guide

The Holidays are almost here! Why not surprise your favorite person with diabetes with a super sweet gift? And if you are the one who has diabetes, pass this blog post on to your loved ones, maybe they’ll take the subtle hint! Also, watch for some discount codes as you read through.

Handbags & Clutches

Myabetic is famous for their high quality, fashionable diabetes handbags and clutches. I’ve had mine for over a year now and will NEVER go back to carrying my diabetes stuff in some ol’ pouch. Check out my reviews here and here. Additionally, the Myabetic website has a tool to help determine what bag is best, just click here. Note, they also have cases for men!
Use discount code: theinsulintype15 for 15% off!

MySugar Case also has diabetes clutches in a wide variety of fun colors. I have one in black! See their products hereUse discount code: theinsulintype20 for 20% off!

Skins / Adhesives for Pumps, Meters, and CGMs 

If your lovely person with diabetes wears an insulin pump, there’s nothing better than an adhesive skin to make the pump personalized and unique. Even if they don’t wear a pump, there are skins available for meters (you know, the thing we test our blood sugar with) ,the Freestyle Libre, and the Dexcom CGM. Some great suppliers are Pep Me Up, ExpressionMed, and Pump Peelz.  Pep Me Up has skins for the Medtronic 640G, and the Freestyle Libre. ExpressionMed has patch adhesives for securing CGMs. Pump Peelz has skins and adhesives for nearly all pumps and CGMs available.
Use discount code: THEINSULINTYPE for 10% off of at Pep Me Up.
For a limited time, use discount code: LEAH15 for 15% off one order from ExpressionMed.
Use discount code: UltimateHolidayGiftGuide for 25% off of your Pump Peelz.


If your sweet one loves to read, I would recommend two great books on living with diabetes. Diabetes Solution by Dr. Bernstein focuses on living a low carb lifestyle and how to achieve normal blood sugars. This book was a huge eye opener for me and I would encourage everyone to read it. There is plenty of information beyond low carb. Actually, it’s the book I wished someone handed to me when I was diagnosed.

Bright Spots and Landmines by Adam Brown is also a must-read with a positive spin on managing diabetes. It focuses on how to replicate great results and learn from not-so-great results. I would also recommend that everyone reads this one! 

Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen is a cookbook from Carolyn Ketchum. It’s full of delicious, easy to make, low carb “keto” recipes. It’s perfect for someone who wants to explore low carb eating, and even great for seasoned low carb eaters! Carolyn will also send you a copy of her Holiday Cookies ebook when you send a copy of your receipt of the Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen cookbook purchase!

Practical Essentials

Does your sweetie use the mySugr app to track all things diabetes related yet? There’s nothing better than a PRO subscription or test strip subscription. People with diabetes usually have to spend a lot of money on medical supplies. Why not take away one cost? My favorite features of the PRO version of the app are the ability to print reports, the bolus calculator, and the search function. The test strip subscription service provides unlimited test strips – SWEET! (Use voucher code: 9955-5125-5277 for 1 month of mySugr PRO access (until January 31, 2019). Redeem here)

Do you know if your sweet one uses insulin vials? They’re like little bottles. Yes? Then they NEED to protect them with Vial Safe insulin protectors. It’s just like a phone case, it protects insulin vials from breaking. Insulin is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, so it’s crucial to take care of it.
Use discount code: Leah20 for 20% off!

Clothing & Jewelry

One thing every person with diabetes knows all too well is that insulin is ridiculously expensive. In fact, so expensive that people are dying because they cannot afford or access it. T1International is a non-profit organization that is advocating to change this! Consider gifting one of their shirts,  or other products. The proceeds from these mittens (how cute are they?!), are going to T1International. You’ll be supporting their work as well as giving a great, meaningful gift to your loved one!

Jillian, a fellow T1, designs and sells super cute diabetes themed bracelets. But with a twist, she adds other charms to make them unique and personalized with many designs to choose from. Her Etsy shop is here.


Real Good Foods is a great company! They make low carb, high protein frozen foods which you can find at most Walmart stores (use their store locator). Better yet, have them ship directly to your loved one’s doorstep! It’s great knowing that their products are REAL and made with clean, nutritious ingredients that minimally impact blood sugar – perfect for someone with diabetes. (Side note: RGF donated 5% of their gross profits to Beyond Type 1 during November 2018, as part of Diabetes Awareness Month. Support those who support us!)
Use discount code: theinsulintype for 15% off!

KnowFoods is also a fantastic food company. You may have already heard about them because of their delicious cookies. But did you know they also make waffles, crackers, baking mixes, sauces, syrup, and more?! In fact, I’m a HUGE fan of their crackers. The best part of their products (besides the taste) is that they minimally impact blood sugar. It’s a win-win. They’re also grain, gluten, wheat, soy, and dairy free.

Sleek Treat is a low carb subscription box service. When I first heard of them, I was in love! Each month (or for however long you subscribe) you’ll get a box full of delicious, low carb/keto, no added sugar, and low glycemic foods. The glycemic index of a food determines how quickly it is absorbed in the blood stream. The lower the number, the better. You can have the boxes shipped to your loved one’s doorstep – what a great surprise! 
For a limited time, use discount code: HOLIDAY for 15% off any 3 month subscription!

Some additional ideas: yummy glucose tabs for low blood sugars (especially fun flavors), pump batteries (they get expensive!), sugar free syrup (for coffee or tea).

And finally, the most important gift you can give is a listening ear. Ask a few questions and let your sweetie express themselves and share what they’re going through. Life with diabetes can be tough. Thank you for helping to make it a little brighter!

Disclosure: I may receive a commission on any products that you purchase using my discount code (“affiliate link”). Thank you for supporting me in this way; I MIGHT be able to buy a coffee, but I’ll be sure that I’m writing great content while doing so. But in all seriousness, I only support and share products or companies that I personally believe in. I would never share something that I cannot stand behind. Additionally, discount codes may expire and I cannot guarantee validity. 


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